SIIDEF Sewon International Industrial Design Fair: An Exhibition Book

SIIDEF Sewon International Industrial Design Fair: An Exhibition Book
Penulis : Endro Tri Susanto
Ukuran : 23,7 x 35,7
Tebal : 156 halaman
Penerbit : Penerbit ADPII
ISBN : 978-602-61467-6-2
Harga : Free

A designer is basically a problem solver, who creates a design based on the existing problems. Designers should always be optimistic about any progressive changes that are now underway, but also remain realistic. The belief that designers must cultivate is that they are able to find contextual solutions  according to the times and technology, along with the problems that arise. Designers participate in finding current and future solutions.

There are many approaches that can be applied by designers in resolving these issues. One of the options is contemporary design. Contemporary Design basically does not focus on just one style but uses many identities (e.g. modernism, minimalism, art deco and other global styles). Contemporary design identity must continue to adapt and be adjusted to respond to current problems for the sake of future sustainability.

A designer who has a vision to solve problems regarding sustainability,  is expected to have the sensitivity to design a product/design that produces positive outcomes.

What kind of contemporary design does the world need right now?

How to apply the phrases of optimism and realistic into the design process according to the need to solve the problem